• Good morning friday! A coffee a day, kicks the cold away. Hopefully.

  • Good morning thursday! Latest edition of »Hot Rum Cow« and some iced filter coffee by Stumptown coffee for a great start into the day.

  • Perfect start of day: Coffee, Franzbrötchen and the fifth edition of Cereal. Good morning wednesday!

  • “Does the Soviet Union save the Western world?”. This cover of the iconic magazine »twen« from 1962 could not be more suitable. Happy sunday!

  • Hello tuesday with THE MR PORTER POST!

  • Happy weekend(er)!

  • Good morning wednesday!

  • Good morning monday! Hello new week.

  • Good morning tuesday with the second issue of MADE QUARTERLY!

  • A nice portrait of one of my favourite coffee shops in Berlin, called WESTBERLIN. You can buy a lot of magazine, drink excellent coffee and eat delicious food. I totally recommend that place to anyone who travels to Berlin.

    (Source: vimeo.com)

  • Good morning friday with the third edition of MADE QUARTERLY!

  • Back this project at Kickstarter, that »Alphabet Family Journal« will become reality!


    (Source: vimeo.com)

  • Good morning thursday with SO IT GOES magazine!

  • Hello beauty! This lovely chair is from Egon Eiermann. I love his work!